Via Slovakia INTERNATIONALE s.r.o. is a trading company working with biggest brands in the world and implementing their products on the domestic market.

However we work not only with most well known names but also support building the market position for other producers and their products trying to be popular in foreign markets.

We are helping them to create better sales opportunities by preparing marketing and strategy based on market research and analysis. Having our company in most strategic point in Europe

gives us more possibilities and opportunities to develop and be more competitive in the FMCG market.We have our own warehouses and well developed distribution networks what makes our

everyday sale clear and easy for all parties involved. Thanks to our professional transport and logistic team goods are always delivered on time and with no delay. On every step we put most of

effort to be professional and make our clients satisfied with the service we provide. Via Slovakia Internationale is a reliable partner and act upon long term relation with its partners, clients and

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